The Electric Car Begins Its Long Journey To Reduce Pollution

On Wednesday July 2, Environment New York met with important political and auto industry actors at the Chelsea’s Tesla showroom to talk about how electric cars have the potential to water down the amount of pollution produced each day by gasoline-run cars. Downtown Magazine NYC covered Environment New York's Driving Cleaner report on the environmental benefits of electric cars. Read the story here.


More than 5.3 million pounds of toxic chemicals dumped in NY waterways

Environment New York Director quoted and pictured releasing Environment New York Research & Policy Center's Report, "Wasting our Waterways" on June 19 at the Riverfront Corning Preserve in Albany N.Y. The report documents pollution in the Hudson River. Read the story here.


Editorial: It's now up to our leaders to act on carbon pollution

Heather Leibowitz had an editorial published in Newsday on the critical need for New York's leaders to support the EPA's rule to limit carbon pollution.

"The EPA's action to limit carbon could be a big launchpad for an even bigger effort to reduce the carbon pollution fueling global warming. Now it's up to our leaders, including New York's Democratic Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand and Charles Schumer, to make our actions as bold as possible. The rhino is charging. It is time to act."

Read the full piece here.


Editorial: The EPA must close loopholes in the Clean Water Act to protect NY waterways

Heather Leibowitz, director of Environment New York, had an editorial published on the need to close loopholes in the Clean Water Act and protect our waterways.

"New York's small business owners, fishermen, farmers, scientists, local elected officials and families are counting on the EPA to move forward and close the loopholes in the Clean Water Act now," she writes.

Read the full story here.


Note to bees: Do not stop and smell the roses

Heather Leibowitz, director of Environment NY, says home gardeners are buying plants, completely unaware that they're laced with poisons. Read the full Marketplace.org story here.