Solar power is a growing American success story

Hundreds of thousands of Americans have gone solar and millions more are ready to join their ranks so all of us can power our lives and our communities with clean, renewable, local energy. The barriers to solar are falling faster than ever, too, with more and more cities, states and companies adopting innovative pro-solar policies that have made solar cheaper and easier to install.

That’s why we have 10 times more solar power in the U.S. today than we did in 2010, enough to power more than 5 million homes, with another home going solar every two minutes, as of the end of 2015.

What are we up against? 

Yet just as solar is about to reach a tipping point, some utilities and other special interests want to throw new obstacles in the way. Our Solar for All campaign is working to knock those barriers out of the way so more Americans can go solar.

We’re working with our national network to urge mayors, governors and others to set ambitious solar goals and commitments, offer new solar incentives, and promote new community solar programs. And we’re mobilizing people to counter the utilities and other special interests who want to make solar more expensive and harder to install.

We’re fighting attacks

And we’re winning. In just the past year, we’ve turned back attacks on solar in Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico and won new commitments to solar in Austin and Houston, Athens and Atlanta, and New York State and California, among other places. Over the last 10 years, we’ve helped establish dozens of pro-solar programs, including the biggest: California’s Million Solar Roofs Initiative.

What can you do? 

We want you to join us by showing your support for solar. You can send an email to your local officials, write a letter to your local newspaper, attend one of our solar forums, or join us at a news conference or other special event.

Whatever you can do, the time for action is now. Solar is at a tipping point. If we keep winning more pro-solar policies, we’ll see millions more Americans go solar in the next decade, putting us on a path to a 100% renewable future. If we let utilities and other special interests get in the way, that future will remain out of reach as solar sputters and stalls.

Together, we can achieve Solar for All

We can do this. Together, we can bring more solar power to our homes, our communities, our churches and schools, our workplaces and our lives—and leave a cleaner, healthier world for kids growing up today and future generations.

Solar For All Updates

News Release | Environment New York

Community Groups and Local Leaders Call on Mayor de Blasio to Power NYC with Offshore Wind

Today, more than 100 New Yorkers joined community groups, environmental justice leaders, national environmental organizations, and local officials on the steps of City Hall to thank Mayor Bill de Blasio for his commitment to power 100 percent of City operations with renewable energy and urge him to ensure that offshore wind power plays a major role in achieving that goal.

Event partners offered the following quotes detailing their support for offshore wind power:

“Offshore wind can help power New York with abundant pollution-free energy. We look forward to working with city and state leaders to make New York City a leader in the transition to 100 percent renewable energy.” -- Heather Leibowitz, Director of Environment New York

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News Release | Environment New York

Impact SCOTUS Decision Will Have On RGGI

“While we’re confident that yesterday’s Supreme Court decision is only a temporary setback for clean air and a healthy planet, the ruling reinforces how important it is that New York continue to lead on climate. By advancing our own plans to reduce global warming pollution, we can show the way forward for the rest of the nation.” -- Heather Leibowitz, Director of Environment New York 

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News Release | Environment New York

Gov. Cuomo's State of the State: We Can Have Both a Clean Environment and Strong Economy

Today, Governor Andrew Cuomo’s state of the state address, combined for the first time with his executive budget proposal, discussed a range of pro-environmental initiatives. The Governor's announcement included proposals to: raise the Environmental Protection Fund (EPF) to $300 million; spend $15 million to clean energy opportunity training programs to train workers for solar installation and technology; install solar panels on over 150,000 homes and business; and, eliminate the use of coal in New York State by 2020. Heather Leibowitz, director of Environment New York, issued the following statement in response.

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News Release | Environment New York

Congress Hands Victory to Big Oil While Protecting Critical Environmental Programs and Promoting Renewables

Congressional leaders and the White House today agreed on a budget-busting omnibus spending bill that includes a major giveaway to big oil. Despite opposition from Environment America and many others in the conservation and public health communities, oil industry allies prevailed in their effort to lift the 40 year ban on oil exports which will inevitably lead to more drilling, more spilling and more global warming pollution.  The proposed omnibus spending bill (and parallel tax extenders package) adds $830 billion (over ten years) of tax breaks many of which are not payed for nor do they benefit the public good. 

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News Release | Environment New York Research and Policy Center

Report: Wind in NY Now Supplies Enough Energy for Over 360,000 Homes

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