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New fracking rule fails to protect forests and parks

Today the Obama administration released its long-awaited rule governing fracking on federal public lands. While somewhat less damaging than as originally proposed, the plan fundamentally fails to protect America’s most prized forests and other natural areas from pollution, Environment New York said.

The administration will not keep sensitive areas off limits to fracking, despite the Department of Energy’s own advisory panel advice to the contrary. The oil and gas industry has expressed interest in fracking 12 million more acres of parks, forests, and other public lands. “Some places are just too precious to drill and frack, and that includes our parks, canyons, and forests,” said Heather Leibowitz, Director of Environment New York.

News Release | Environment New York

New York’s Biggest Polluters Spending Over 3 Million Dollars to Pollute Politics

The owner of Anheuser-Busch Inc. spent $3,640,000 on lobbying in a single year, according to a new report by Environment New York. The enormous spending came after Anheuser-Busch Inc. dumped 1,396,149 pounds of toxic chemicals into New York’s waterways in 2012. 

Environment New York released its “Polluting Politics” report shortly after the introduction of a House bill to block the EPA’s clean water rule to restore Clean Water Act protections to thousands of waterways in New York and across the country.

“As it turns out, the same companies that are polluting our rivers with toxic chemicals are also polluting our politics with their spending,” observed Heather Leibowitz, Director of Environment New York.

News Release | Environment New York Research and Policy Center

Report: Small or large, all fracking companies break rules

From Fortune 500 companies like Cabot Oil, to mom-and-pop operators, to firms like Chevron who tout their clean records, virtually all frackers are prone to infractions of environmental rules, a new report says. The analysis of Pennsylvania’s oil and gas industry over a four-year period found that the top offenders of air, water, and health protections averaged more than a violation each day.

News Release | Environment New York Research and Policy Center

President Obama’s proposed budget

“President Obama’s proposed budget would help safeguard America’s land, water, and climate for future generations. Investments in a greener future are the smart thing to do, and the right thing to do.”
-- Heather Leibowitz, Environment New York

News Release | Environment New York Research and Policy Center

Governor Cuomo to Ban Fracking

In an historic move, Governor Cuomo today announced his final decision to ban fracking in New York.   The governor’s decision comes just days after several new reports on the health threats of dirty drilling – including Environment New York’s release last week of “In the Shadow of the Boom” showing how fracking would threaten the health of vulnerable populations.

 “Across the country, fracking has been a rolling environmental disaster – contaminating drinking water, making residents sick, and transforming forests into industrial zones,” said Heather Leibowitz, director of Environment New York. “After listening carefully to the latest science and the voices of millions of New Yorkers, Governor Cuomo has decided to permanently protect the water, health, and environment of the Empire State from the documented damage of dirty drilling. This is what true leadership looks like.”